Collection: John Furches

John Furches is best known for his ability to depict the relationships of color and nature in rural landscapes and nostalgic still life’s. His choice of the watercolor medium is especially effective in showing the delicate balance of light, color, and texture in each of his paintings. The element of emotion is also an integral tool for John’s realistic style, as he feels the artist becomes an imperfect camera without definite feelings about the image he is portraying.

A lot of his pieces of work are very detailed because he enjoys the challenge of realism. Capturing the different colors and textures can be time consuming. He often has four to six weeks in some of the larger pieces, because of the conditions this could easily become four to six months if done on location. The photos, sketches, and color notes help keep the stimulation of the subject in his mind. If for some reason he has questions, he always goes back to the source. No one can retain all the information nature has to offer.

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Elkin, NC