Collection: Aalia Mujtaba

Handmade objects collected from a global upbringing occupied all corners of my childhood home. Earthenware from Panama with its crisp geometric surface design. Paisley patterned shawls from Peshawar, ornate and fluid. My woodworker mother’s handmade furniture - a tribute to her South Asian heritage. I grew up absorbed in the patterns and materials that filled my view, tracing the artist's mark in each piece with my eyes and hands. Many years later, after the birth of my son, I found myself living back in that house, rocking him in his grandmother’s old mahogany chair, studying the mirror work in a tapestry as he cooed at the reflections it made on the ceiling. Seeing the same objects through his eyes inspired me to create art that seeks to harmonize past and future and honors the reinvention inherent in immigrant experiences. From that threshold, I share my own sense of discovery and belonging and hope it will help wearers connect with the beauty that is present in all people and places.

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