Collection: Barbara McFadyen

Barbara McFadyen is an accomplished metalsmith and enamelist as well as an inventive book artist. She has been producing unique, wearable forms for over four decades in precious metals, stones, and vitreous enamel. Much of her work focuses on humankind's relationship with nature, a subject she explores both in her jewelry and unique artists' books. Her vision of nature is filtered and transformed by her awareness of diverse cultural traditions. She has a particular affinity to the art of Japan and the aesthetic of shibusa, which embodies a deep connection to the balance and flux of nature, fleeting of time, and subtle unobtrusive beauty. As she states: "My inspirations, thoughts, and emotions are deeply connected to the natural world. I believe the untamed beauty of nature and the experience of awe, which it invokes can provide a level of meaning that lies beneath all hectic demands of the everyday and remind us of our place in the world. Through my work I seek to transform my reflections and sense of solace found in nature's intricate details and patterns into jewelry imparting refined moments of tranquility and beauty."

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Chapel Hill, NC