Collection: Barbara Murnan

As a passionate metalsmith and jewelry designer, I envision my jewelry as having timeless appeal with urban, architectural influence. Hand sculpted exclusively of Sterling Silver, copper, geodes, ages, fossils, and minerals, combined with the element of fire, resulting in simplicity and strength.  My torch allows me to capture subtle gradations of color and texture, dramatic in scale,
​evocative in form with refined appeal.

I create ART.  You Wear.

In early  2021, as the pandemic began to lessen, I embarked on a journey to strengthen and bolster my silver smithing techniques through professional studies.  I began to employ newly refined, innovative design elements. Constructing open backplates instead of solid ones, creating air space around the focal stone or fossil feature, utilizing various iron settings, Sterling bars, shapes, circles, and geometrics; purposely creating "breathing" room for the stones and lighter physical weight for the wearer.

In August, I was gifted a 1959 Jewelry Making for Tradesman and Craftsman book.  While researching that era's craftsman's techniques, I was wowed by the elemental and sculptural designs from the 50's- 60's.  I set out to intensify my love of freeform design and marry it with abstract expressionism, the most important movement in the art world at that time, translated for today's modern woman. The results of this currently expanding venture have led to new interpretations of my art and have melded into many exciting new pieces.

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