Collection: Caryn Hetherston

I create one of a kind and limited production jewelry and small scale sculpture with wearable elements .My materials are sterling and fine silver, karat golds and unusual stones some of which I cut myself. The techniques that I employ are fabrication, stamping, fusing, forging, stone setting, and limited casting. Many of my pieces can be worn different ways such as earrings that have detachable parts, pin and pendant combinations and sculptures with jewelry elements hidden within them.

I like my work to be viewed as wearable art and give the pieces dimension with texturing and positive and negative space. Color is very important to many of my works and so I carefully choose the stones that may go into each piece so that they enhance each other and many times the design is centered on the stones I choose. I also like to challenge the idea of preciousness by using materials not usually seen in jewelry such as glass, rusted metal, beach stones and found objects. When you take things out of context it changes people’s perception of such items.