Collection: Jane Doub

The fabric I create is flamboyant and useful. Structure, color, texture and function each play equal parts in the fabric design. The woven structure relates to the cloth’s function and enhances the color and textures; it must be sturdy yet fascinating. Working with a computer allows me to design and alter very complex weaves before I start weaving. The fabrics I design utilize mathematical sequences in the pattern repeat. The repeat maybe over two hundred picks in length. Color is hard to explain and very subjective. I find inspiration in nature, in print and in fashion. I seldom use colors simply because they are currently in style. I prefer to combine colors with challenge each other, either though contrast or color blending. I add depth to the cloth through color. I design with cotton, rayon, silk, and linen threads. Ribbons or other texture are sometimes added to increase the cloth’s appeal. Each yarn has a distinct texture and reflective quality, which combined with structure, creates the drape and hand of the cloth. I constantly keep the cloth’s final presentation in mind. The fabric’s function, whether it’s for an article of clothing or a wall hanging, determines it’s structure, color and texture.

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Winston-Salem, NC