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Studio artist and instructor, Jean Cheely has been working with glass since 2001. She is an award-winning artist who is inspired by the medium of glass. She has studied under nationally known glass artists at  “The Studio”, The Corning Museum of Glass, the Arrowmont School of Arts, Pittsburgh Glass and The Chrysler/Perry Glass Studio.  Currently she is an instructor at The NCSU Craft Center and The Cary Arts Center.  Her work is represented by Fine Art @ Baxters, Cary Gallery of Artists, Museum of Glass Store, Tacoma WA. and The Village Art Circle.

Stacking and flowing glass through a custom flow chamber made by the artist determines the speed and direction of the flow into a contained space. These design elements are then used in the body of the piece to be fired. After firing, the piece is dropped through an open mold made by the artist.

This process requires visual monitoring during the drop. When the vessel hits the floor of the kiln it is ready to be annealed. When cooled the rim border of the vessel is removed with a diamond blade. The rim is then polished with graduating grits and a final with cerium oxide.

Concept to completion for each vessel requires about 100 hours. Jean Cheely does all work in her home studio.

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