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I fell in love with printmaking in high school. The first piece of art I ever sold was a linoleum print of a rabbit, which I carved when I was 15 years old, and my art teacher was out on display at the local community college. Someone saw the print, contacted my teacher, and asked if they could purchase it. I think they paid me $15 and I was thrilled. I moved away from printmaking for years, working primarily in watercolors, and then transitioning into surface pattern design- creating art for wallpaper, fabric, toys, and more. I never wanted to go to art school but my grandmother was a watercolorist and so I had the benefit of generational knowledge passed down from her. Several years ago I recalled how much I had enjoyed the carving process and invested in some printmaking tools for my studio. My work soon gained popularity, and I began printmaking as a full-time job. As a printmaker, I specialize in place-based design. My work centers on the Southeastern United States- the ecosystems, biodiversity, places, and local culture. I’m a small batch printmaker, which means for each block I carve, I sell fewer than 100 imprints. Within those 99 prints, I’ll often have editions in several different colors, and some experimental artist proofs. I work in both linoleum and dense rubber carving substrates, with a preference for recycled materials when possible. My inks are all made right here in North Carolina, and my papers are all archival, sustainably forested, and manufactured using energy.

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Hilsborough, NC