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We live in our own baskets each with balls of yarn, a paddle and rudder; afloat in a world of unfathomable depths. To amuse ourselves we sing and fill our baskets with beautiful things, art. To keep from being lonely we throw out threads to other baskets and tie our floating worlds together. Art sings to our soul, gives us meaning and connects us to others. It’s our life thread. Work: Stew…it’s a stew of whatever gets near. Obsessions with Asian cooking, clowns, envy of my quilter friend’s colorful work, indecision over the smallest things all get tossed into the pot and boiled down to something digestible. I love to combine enamel with epoxy, epoxy with painted metal, gold with silver, reticulation with enamel. Currently I’m playing with concrete in small scale.

Member Since 2008

West Palm Beach, FL

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