Collection: Zan Barnes

Pottery is very much about the physical interaction with the ceramic object, the balance of a piece in the hand, subtle texture over the surface and how the hand will find and experience these areas in a very direct way.  I have transitioned in to solely soda fired surfaces as I am fascinated by the vapor surface and the lack of complete control I have over the finished surface.  I focus on clean forms with edges that provide a blank canvas for my stamping and for the vapor to flash across and interact with.  I am interested in how the regimented linear geometric patterns and the repetition of my stamps contrast with and accentuate the curves of the thrown form as well as the organic shapes left by the caress of the soda vapor.   My stamps are hand carved from clay and bisque fired so I can rapidly carve new variations and experiment with how the scale and motif affect the overall design of the vessel.   A mug sitting on a clean white pedestal is a dead thing to me.   My greatest wish is for each piece to invite the viewer to pick it up, touch it, feel it, see how it fits in the hand, converse with it on the most intimate level, skin to skin.

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Sylva, NC